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4 Important Elements of Your Walk-In Mortuary Cooler

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If you run a funeral home or morgue, you know the mortuary cooler is vital. Not only does it make storing cadavers efficient, but it also ensures they stay cool. At American Mortuary Equipment & Coolers, we specifically recommend walk-in mortuary coolers above all else. The additional space is practical, and they’re easy to install. Today, we’ll explore four important elements of a walk-in mortuary cooler, so you can understand how it works.

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The Door

One of the first things you’ll see before entering a walk-in cooler is the door. It’s heavy-duty, which ensures it closes properly. The door is among the most important components because it traps cold air within the cooler so cadavers can’t thaw. When you place an order from us, we provide options to upgrade your cooler’s door.

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Panel Gaskets

The door of a walk-in mortuary cooler is necessary to contain the freezing air. Panel gaskets are critical to ensure it stays in, though. The gaskets act as a seal to ensure air can’t slip out, and they also prevent warm air from getting in. If you noticed damaged panel gaskets on your new cooler, please put in a tech service request with us so a technician from American Mortuary Equipment & Coolers can assist right away.

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The Compressor

How does a walk-in mortuary cooler stay cold for so long? It’s all thanks to the compressor. This vital element is integral to how the cooler works because it keeps cold air running. The compressor compresses hot air so it can be used and recycled as cold air.  

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Condensate Evaporator Pans

As a cooler runs, it forms condensation that has to drain out. But what happens if you don’t have a drain line set up for it? That’s where condensate evaporator pans come in. You can use these pans to catch the condensate, which eliminates the need for a drain.

Now that you know how a walk-in mortuary cooler works, it’s time to get one for your funeral home or morgue to improve efficiency and save on space. Shop our walk-in mortuary coolers at American Mortuary Equipment & Coolers today.

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