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Different Types of Mortuary Coolers

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Different Types of Mortuary Coolers

The use of mortuary coolers has become popular among the general public, which is why an increased number of funeral homes, mortuaries, and crematoriums have begun using them. At American Mortuary Coolers & Equipment, we know how valuable and convenient these coolers can be, which is why we offer a variety of them to our clients. 

We provide mortuary coolers in addition to our other products, such as embalming tables, cooler equipment, and first call equipment. 

There are various types of mortuary coolers available. They include the following:

Different Types of Mortuary Coolers

  • Walk-in Coolers
  • Just as the name suggests, walk-in mortuary coolers are coolers where you can walk in and store bodies of the deceased. Our walk-in mortuary coolers can store a minimum of nine bodies. Depending on the number of bodies you receive, this body fridge can be quite useful and convenient.

  • Upright Coolers
  • Upright mortuary coolers are economical and give you the flexibility to store the bodies of deceased in smaller and more mobile spaces. These can be perfect for rural morgues or hospitals. Depending on the size you order, these coolers can support as many bodies as you are comfortable with.

  • Roll-in Cooler
  • Roll-in mortuary coolers are coolers where bodies are placed on a mortuary cot and rolled into the cooler for preservation. Depending on the size of the cooler, it can hold two to three bodies. These mortuary coolers can be delivered unassembled or assembled, depending on your preference.

  • Custom Coolers
  • Custom coolers are mortuary coolers that clients custom order. Our clients send us the dimensions and the specifications they want on their mortuary coolers so that we can make the coolers for them. This is perfect if you have limited space and need an exact cooler shape to fit your space.

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