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20' x 20' Walk-In Cooler AMC Model #2020

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Model #AMC 2020 Walk-In Mortuary Cooler

Please call for current pricing. Prices are not able to be updated daily due to the unstable raw material market.


by American Mortuary Coolers

Please make note: a forklift is required for delivery (provided by the customer*) no exceptions to this policy. We are not responsible for any damage incurred during offload by your forklift.


External (O.D.): 20' 0" x 20' 0" x 7' 6 1/2" - W x D x H

Internal (I.D.): 19' 5 1/4" x 19' 5 1/4" x 7' 3 1/8" - W x D x H 

Finishes Walls: Acrylume/Embossed - 26 Ga. - interior & exterior (silver finish)

Ceilings: Acrylume/Embossed - 26 Ga. - interior Galvanized/Embossed - 26 Ga. - exterior Panel Thickness Walls: 3.375" UL Listed Class 1 Foam Ceilings: 3.375" UL Listed Class 1 Foam


Not included. Set-up on your existing concrete surface. If placing cooler on the 2nd floor, a floor is required for the required area.

Panel Gaskets

Flexible NSF vinyl gaskets shall be adhesive-backed and installed on the exterior edge of the rail “tongue”. Gaskets shall be impervious to stains, grease, oils, and mildew.


Door Size Standard: 36" x 81" (call for other sizes or multiple doors)

Choose door hinge and location on the drop-down menu.***

Electrical Specifications (Condensor & Evaporator)

Condensing Unit

Horsepower: 2.5hp

Extras: Liquid line, Filter, Drier, Sight glass installed

Electrical: 208-230/1/60, RLA 11.2, MOPD 25, MCA 15

Conditions: BTUH: 17490 Room Temp: 35°F Ambient: 95°F 

A maximum 95-degree ambient temperature allowed on included compressor. Upsize your compressor if temps will exceed 95 degrees or risk voiding warranties.

Warranty: Compressor-motor warranty extended to 5-years, parts only, no labor

Evaporator Unit

Description: Air defrost Low profile coil (unit cooler) 115/1/60 with EC fan motors coil

Electrical: 115/1/60, Fan amps 3.8

Extras: TXV, Liquid line, Solenoid valve, T-stat (Mechanical)


All American Mortuary walk-ins are test assembled in our plant before shipment to assure that all the panels and parts fit nicely together and meet our stringent quality standards. We provide a layout drawing with each panel labeled and a manual with pictures to assist in easy assembly. The walk-in will go together better than any other walk-in on the market. Most installation problems, if any, have to do with site preparation. By taking your time and following instructions, any person should be able to install our walk-in.

If you have additional questions please call us at 1-888-792-9315. 

Do not be fooled. All of our walk-in boxes are manufactured using 100% U.S. made materials. We offer references in almost every state.

Drawings and Sketches are copyrighted, may be used only with permission.