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4 Body Oversized Mortuary Cooler with Interior Rolling Rack Model# 4BX

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For use in a mortuary, funeral home, or morgue, our Four-Body Oversized Mortuary Cooler gives you the flexibility to store up to four cadavers of all sizes using the included interior rolling rack. American-made, each cooler goes through extensive quality testing to ensure ease and success of self-installation and superior product performance.



  • Use with our Plastic HD Mortuary Storage Boards
  • Self-contained system saves $1,000s with easy self-installation and no need for electrician or plumber
  • U/L certified panels, certified to NSF/ANSI standard #7
  • Electrical and refrigeration components are U.L. listed or registered and NSF certified
  • 2007 Federal Energy Independence & Safety Act (EISA) compliant
  • Made in the USA



  • External (O.D.): 7' 3" x 3' 6 3/4" x 6' 8"  D x W x H
  • Internal (I.D.): 6' 8" x 2' 11 3/4" x 6' 3/8"  D x W x H
  • Door Size Standard: 36" x 72" W x H
  • Add 7" of height for castors
  • Add 20" of height for the compressor
  • Rolling Rack 4 XL Tiers:
    • Overall interior rolling rack width - 32.75" wide
    • Overall interior rolling rack height - 16" high
    • Overall interior rolling rack length - 78" long
  • A maximum 95-degree ambient temperature is allowed on the included compressor. CONTACT US to upsize your compressor if temps will exceed 95 degrees or risk voiding warranties.
  • No special power needed; uses 115-volt power/standard plug-in
  • No plumbing or drain requirements; unit is fully self-contained and evaporates all liquid into the air
  • Please pay close attention when ordering this unit factory assembled. This model does not fit into standard garage doors or walk-doors. Consider ordering this unit unassembled for ease of handling.
  • A Forklift with a minimum of 8' extensions and/or appropriate equipment is required to unload the cooler. The customer is responsible for any damage incurred at un-load. Any damage must be noted on the delivery paperwork at the time of delivery. Our liability is released once the unit is in possession of the freight carrier. No exceptions to this policy.